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Unirex™ S 2 


Product Description

Unirex™ S 2 is a lithium complex thickened high-temperature grease, based on a low volatility, synthetic polyol ester fluid, fortified with performance-enhancing additives. It is uniquely suited for high temperature applications, with an upper operating temperature recommendation of 200º C / 392°F based upon ASTM D3336 performance. Additionally this grease possesses good oxidation stability, and rust preventive characteristics.


Features and Potential Benefits

Unirex S 2 grease is specially developed for high temperature applications where mineral oil based greases may not provide adequate protection. The ester base fluid has a low volatility at the working temperatures involved, this can lead to long grease life when compared to a conventional mineral oil product. Unirex S 2 is suitable for high temperature operations where frequent relubrication is not practical.

This product offers the following performance features:

  • Outstanding high-temperature performance with better lubricity and wear protection than conventional grease
  • Low base stock volatility helping to provide long lubricant life and potentially extend re-lubrication intervals.
  • An upper operating temperature of 200º C /392°F based upon ASTM D3336 High Temperature Life performance



Application notes: The ester base oil of Unirex S 2 is not compatible with many common elastomer seal materials. For example, it may cause a softening or swelling of NBR seals. It is recommended that the equipment manufacturer or your ExxonMobil representative be consulted regarding seal compatibility in a specific application.

Unirex S 2 is recommended by ExxonMobil for severe applications including:

  • Conveyor bearings in kilns and ovens
  • Steel mill ladle bearings
  • Jet aircraft starter clutch assemblies
  • Critical oven bearings in Fiberglas manufacture


Typical Properties

Property Unirex S 2
NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Type Li-complex
Color, visual Orange/Brown
Worked Penetration,, ASTM D 217, mm/10 280
Dropping Point ASTM D 2265, ºC 280
4-Ball Wear, scar diameter, ASTM D 2266, mm 0.60
Viscosity of Base Oil at 40 ºC, ASTM D 445, cSt 170
Oil Separation, ASTM D 1742, mass % 3
Lubrication life at 204 ºC, ASTM D 3336, hours 500
Corrosion Prevention, ASTM D 1743, Rating Pass
4-Ball Weld Load, ASTM D 2596, Kg 160