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Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 20L

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Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 (mineral oil)

for models without Adblue. ACEA B2 approved

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Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 

Extra High Performance Diesel Engine Oil

Product Description

Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 is an extra high performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication of today's diesel engines promoting long engine life. As a result, this product meets or exceeds the requirements of virtually all major European and American engine manufacturers. This extra high performance has been proven in the field in a wide variety of industries, applications, and mixed fleets.

The advanced chemistry of this product provides outstanding performance in both modern, demanding low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines operating on low or high sulphur fuel. Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 combines a blend of high performance base stocks with a balanced additive system to provide excellent control of oil thickening due to soot build-up and high temperatures as well as outstanding resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and high temperature deposits.


Features and Benefits

High output, low emission engines significantly increase demands on engine lubricants. Tighter engine design, use of inter-coolers, and turbochargers increase thermal stresses on the lubricant. Low emission engine technologies such as higher fuel injection pressure and retarded timing require improved oil performance in areas such as oxidation stability, soot dispersancy, and volatility. Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 is formulated from high performance base oils and a balanced additive system to contribute to optimum engine performance in modern diesel and gasoline engines as well as older models. The key potential benefits include:

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
High thermal and oxidation stability Reduced sludge build-up, deposits and viscosity increase
TBN reserves Deposit control and acid neutralisation
Stay-in-grade shear stability Wear protection and viscosity control
Advanced detergency/dispersancy Cleaner engines and longer component life
Improved soot handling Improved viscosity control and used oil pumpability
Excellent low temperature properties Start-up wear protection
Component compatibility Longer gasket and seal life
Meets demanding specifications of key OEMs One engine oil for mixed fleet operations



       Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in:

  • Naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel powered equipment from leading Japanese, European, and American manufacturers
  • On-highway light and heavy-duty trucking
  • Off-highway industries including: construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture
  • Mixed fleet applications


Specifications and Approvals

Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 meets or exceeds the requirements of the following industry and builder specifications:  
Caterpillar ECF-2 X
Cummins CES 20077, 20076 X
Isuzu DEO (w/o DPD Equipped Vehicles) X


Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 has the following builder approvals:  
MB-Approval 228.3 X
Volvo VDS-3 X
Renault Trucks RLD-2 X
MTU Oil Category 2 X
 Kamaz Euro-3,-4 & -5 engines 
 Avtodisel YaMZ-6-12  X


Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring:  
API CG-4/ CF-4/ CF X
Volvo VDS-2 X
Renault Trucks RLD X
Mack EO-M X
Cummins CES 20072, 20071 X
Detroit 7SE 270 (4-Stroke Cycle) X


Typical Properties

Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40  
SAE Grade 15W-40
Viscosity, ASTM D 445  
cSt @ 40ºC 106
cSt @ 100ºC 14.5
Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270 140
Sulfated Ash, wt%, ASTM D 874 1.1
Total Base # , mg KOH/g, ASTM D 2896 10
Pour Point, ºC, ASTM D 97 -30
Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92 230
Density @ 15ºC kg/l, ASTM D 4052 0.88